Monday, November 28, 2011

$4 for $30 worth of Kidorable Products PLUS FREE SHIPPING




Yep, Plum District is helping this mama do some Holiday shopping on the cheap again tonight.

You can get $30 worth of items at Kidorable for only $4.

Here is how:

1.) If you are not already a member of Plum District you get $5 just for signing up. SIGN UP HERE

2. CLICK HERE to find the Kidorable Plum Deal and Click Make it Mine.

3. In the Promotion Code Box at Checkout Type in the Code: Mobile40 this will take 40% off your deal bringing the deal down to $9 and then you will use your $5 credit you got for signing up brining the deal down to only $4.

4. Go Shopping at Kidorable and at Checkout put in the code: GRATEFUL2 to receive FREE SHIPPING

5. Enjoy!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

$15 for $50 worth of Kids Clothing and Toys PLUS Free Shipping


Plum District has another AMAZING deal right now you do not want to miss.

Here is how it works:

1.) Sign up with Plum District: It’s fast, easy and free. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

2. Find the Deal for $25 for $50 worth of Credit to CuddleBug CLICK HERE FOR THE DEAL

3. Click Make It Mine

4. In the Apply Promotion Box put in the Promo Code: Saturday40 this will knock the $25 down to $15

5. CuddleBug has FREE SHIPPING on their website all the time anyways so you won’t have to pay for shipping. Just use your $50 voucher and Enjoy!


HURRY!!! DEAL EXPIRES AT 11:59pm EST on Nov. 26th

Gotta Love Plum District!



Friday, November 18, 2011

Bag It! Review & Giveaway

Who’s got two thumbs and one of the coolest new games on the market? This girl! I am embarrassed to admit that I am a rather new IPhone fanatic, in fact for the longest time I ignored (perhaps bordering on disliked) Smart Phones. Being an avid computer gamer it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the IPhone and all the fun Apps and games I can play on the go. I could literally browse the App Store for hours and have bought more ITunes cards then I will readily admit in search of “time sinks” as I so affectionately refer to my games.

When Hidden Variables presented me with the opportunity to review their first EVER creation I was pumped, this would be something both The Chief and I could play around with and share input on together. Rejoice! We have logged several hours of game play so far, often times competing against one another to beat the levels that the other seems stuck on, and just for the record, I am winning. I love that Bag It! is the type of game that we can both enjoy. The Chief enjoys the puzzle and problem solving aspect, I enjoy the cast of characters and the different modes of play, it doesn’t leave me bored after several levels like other games I have played.

Bag It! has been described as “Tetris meets Toy Story” I think that is a pretty accurate description, I described it to those that I’ve talked to about it as “Tetris meets Aqua Teen Hunger Forces slightly less scandalous cousins.” I love how far the theme is carried out during gameplay. From choosing your “Aisle” to selecting your game out of the grocers freezer, to the actual bag in which you play the game in you can tell that Hidden Variable really put a ton of thought into this game. You start out by choosing your “Aisle”. Each Aisle as far as I can tell has a specific “goal” from filling the bag without squishing any of the groceries to creating different combos by placing certain things next to one another, to Rampage mode which finds you trying specifically to smash certain groceries in the bag. The varied modes are probably my favorite thing about Bag It! I love that if I get bored (or stuck as it may be) with one mode I just head on back out to the aisle and pick a different mode to play for awhile. My favorite mode of play is Ultimate Bagger which leaves you trying to get your bags full without breaking any items at all. I could play this round for hours and I’d like to think I’ve gotten quite good at it.

While playing Bag It! you will notice that you can earn medals by creating certain combos during game play, from what I can tell there is a chance to earn two medals on each level. For example, you might get a medal for grouping so many of a certain grocery together or not breaking anything during a level. The medals are then used to unlock additional “Aisles” and modes of play. I love having goals to strive for and these aren’t particularly easy either, which is A-OK with me, most games I love but once you hit a certain level you essentially “win” and what is the point of playing after that right? I anticipate I still have oodles of gameplay left on Bag It!

Another biggie in Bag It! for me is how witty the names of the different levels are. I actually look forward to completing levels just to see what’s next. For example, “Tall, Dark, and Yeasty” is a level in which one of the goals is to group the Crusty’s together (baguettes), cute right? Or “Wreck-Fast” in the Rampage mode which has you Crushing 6 Luckys (the happy cereal). One of the key game bonuses involves grouping different things next to one another and that even produces laughs from me, such as two Seedys (watermelons) produces a combo called “Nice Melons”, I laughed (yep I’m 12, don’t hate!). I really love being able to have such lightheartedness in my gaming experience, after all I am supposed to be having fun right and what’s more fun then Nice Melons, that’s right, nothing!

Bag It! Is rated for children 9+ for Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence but I absolutely let One Little Indian watch me play Bag It! He loves the music and the graphics! I do think it is a game best suited for older children, teens, and adults though based on game play and how challenging it can be. Bag It! is described as being easy to learn but hard to master, I agree with this statement. I do think that having a basic understanding of how heavy groceries is aids me in being a Bag It! master, sometimes being a mommy does pay off! 

I would like to take a minute to tell you a little about the company that created Bag It! Hidden Variable is a small start-up company with only 6 developers.  The developers formerly worked for big name companies such as EA, THQ, and Disney but set out to create their own company doing the thing they love. If you are a fan like I am of a more “personal” consumer experience then you will love Hidden Variable. They have posted that if you write to them with feedback or questions they will personally respond to you and I have absolutely found this to be the case, I had a question prior to reviewing and it was answered within a matter of hours by a real person (Thanks Amos!). 

Bag It! Is 100% Mommy Tested Mommy Approved. I thank Bag It! For allowing me to review their App, I have had so much fun playing this and sharing it with my friends and family.

Buy it now!: You can purchase Bag It! though the App Store on ITunes and I’m imagining the Android Store (so unfamiliar with Android sorry!) for $2.99, a steal for a game with such a vast amount of gameplay!

Win It!: Hidden Variable has kindly offered one of our lucky readers a chance to win their very own Swag Bag featuring Bag It! Themed Goodies such as a Plush Toy, T-Shirt, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, and MORE!

Fill Out The Rafflecopter Form Below to Enter to Win!

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It’s Ok Thursday…My first!

A few weeks back I stumbled upon a neat little ditty of a “Day of the Week” blog hop on Brunch with Amber. I thought I would partake this week.


Its Ok Thursdays


…that I’m not exactly 100% looking forward to traveling 1,000 miles for the Holidays

…sometimes I just let One Little Indian eat things he finds, a little paper never hurt anyone.

…that I don’t feel like moving the couch to vacuum under it, there are a few rouge M&M’s under there but that’s ok.

…I ignore emails or messages sometimes when I don’t know how to respond or I don’t want to hurt feelings.

…I have more soap then anyone could possibly use, slight obsession? perhaps.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Home for the Holiday's Blog Hop with One Little Indian

Artsy Chaos

Love the Holidays? Love home decor? Love to give gifts you have put together yourself? Love Giveaways too!? Well then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!! Welcome to the Home for the Holidays Event where you can enter to win some great prizes for your home and the Holidays! Hosted by Artsy Chaos , Kelly's Lucky You , My Chaotic Ramblings and Shopping for Savings , this event will have you visiting each blog for prizes from some amazing sponsors each valued of at least $25. Use the linky at the end of this post to hop to the next blog.

Here at One Little Indian you can enter for a special Holiday Prize Package from Heart and Handmade2, Graham + Olive, and Urban Creative. Please take a moment to visit each Sponsor Spotlight to find out what you can win from each AND a little birdie told me there is an easy extra entry on each one. Click the Banners Below to read each Sponsor Spotlight (psst, if you right click then open in a new tab you won't navigate away from this page).

Enter on the Rafflecopter Form Below, Please keep in mind some entries require you to comment below:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Graham + Olive pretty paper + packaging


As we bring our Home for the Holiday’s Blog Hop Sponsor Spotlights to a close I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to share with my readers so many great handmade companies, not just in this hop but all the time! Whenever I think of Hop Sponsorship I always think Handmade First, I think that is a good routine for anyone to get into, Think Handmade First, perhaps that will be my new motto. Graham + Olive as a business intrigues me, I love pretty things (as you may have previously read) especially pretty packaging.  Nothing excites me like coming across an Etsy Shop while browsing (which I do CONSTANTLY) and seeing something I have never seen or never even thought to make. You will find a lot of that at Graham + Olive, their creativity amazes me. I’m sure you will agree.


Graham + Olive’s Paint Chip House Warming Party Invitations don’t exactly fit the Home for The Holiday’s Theme but I seriously couldn’t even help myself, I had to feature them. I have a very exciting milestone coming up, we are buying our very FIRST home. We have been renters for a few years now since moving to our first duty station and I am more then a little bit looking forward to living in a place that is “ours” and not a place we are just borrowing. I absolutely intend to have a Housewarming Party full good drinks, good friends, and relaxing. I feel that these invitations are just perfect, they are creative, they are colorful, and they can be personalized, yay!  Each invite is printed on heavy card stock “paint chips” and can be customized to suit your fancy. The cards are a bit tiny so nothing too extensive. You can choose your color sceme or assorted colors. Each invitation is incredibly affordable at $2 each and includes it’s own kraft envelope, minimum order of ten. These also make great “We’ve Moved” announcements to share your new address with friends and family. Perhaps you are not in the process of moving or have just moved. The Paint Chip Invitations can also be customized for a birthday, bridal shower, or wedding save the dates. Neat right?


Keeping with the Home for the Holiday’s theme of course I have to share with you a wonderful Holiday Idea, truth be told this is an item I would pick to share for a Sponsor Spotlight anyways. If you follow One Little Indian you know we LOVE Eco-Friendly around here, it is a huge part of our life, something we strive for daily. This Vintage Fabric Wrap fits with our lifestyle and not only is it reusable and eco-friendly but it’s so beautiful. Each wrap is a generous 19x19 and includes a “how to” card to insure you have a variety of options when wrapping your gifts, and a 4x4 white box to wrap your first gift!  Fun Fact: The art of cloth wrapping called “furoshiki” in Japan, dates back centuries. Japan has been eco-friendly since been eco-friendly, since..well you get the idea. You can choose from many different colors pictured or you can discuss with the owner of Graham + Olive to find the perfect colors for you! I personally think these would be great for a baby shower favor arrangement, what a pretty display for your guests and they double as an additional gift. Perfect.

The lucky lady (or lad) that wins in our Home for the Holiday’s Blog Hop will win their choice of a few NEW products from Graham + Olive, like New/New, so new they aren’t even listed yet. I wanted to take this space to tell you a little about what you could choose to win. The set of 12 Luxe Wedge Shaped Pie Box Favor Kits are wonderful for a Holiday Celebration. This charming little set includes a dozen pie shaped boxes, 12 eco-luxe wooden forks, 7 yards of extra plush bakers twine, and 6 extra large sheets of parchment paper. Everything you need to send a little bit of love home with your guests. The wonderful thing about buying handmade is that you can customize your order most of the time, with this particular set you can customize the color of twine and also have different things stamped right on your wooden forks, perfect for a wedding, shower, or any celebration. The second item that you may choose is the Silver + Gold Gift Wrapping Kit. This kit includes a dozen sheets of matte silver and gold tissue paper, 40 yards of glitter twine, a dozen gold & silver doilies, a dozen gold & silver heart stickers, a dozen metallic platelets, and a dozen glassine bags. Holy Toledo! If you are keeping track that is enough to wrap 12 presents this Holiday Season, and not just “wrap” but wrap with style and care. I love present wrapping, this is a perfect set for me.


The last item I just couldn’t help sharing with you today is something you are going to L.O.V.E, I promise. The Apple Cider Mulling Spice Muslin Bags from Graham + Olive would make one amazing winter wedding favor. Each 4x2.75 muslin bag is printed with a cute deer and the words “get toasty, drink cider” and contain plenty of yummy mulling spices. Each bag contains a cute little recipe card with instructions to use 2 Tablespoons of spices per gallon of cider, each bag makes 3 gallons of cider! What a great Christmas gift, I think this would be perfect to have on hand for teachers, postmen/women, and any other random person you usually buy a small gift for. Order over 50 can also have a customized bag design, hello Wedding Favor! How impressed would your guests be with this?

Buy it Now: Graham + Olive has offered Free Shipping on US orders over $25 for One Little Indian Readers, yay! Thank you Graham + Olive

Want to win it? Graham + Olive has kindly offered one lucky winner their choice of EITHER their new 12 Wedge Shaped Pie Favor Kit, Five of the Mulled Cider Bags OR their new Silver + Gold Gift Wrapping Kit. What a hard choice right?


Want an Extra Entry?

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Visit Graham + Olive on Etsy, find a special item you just love and comment below with the name of the item and how you might use or customize it.



Sponsor Spotlight: Heart and Handmade2


I saw something today on Facebook (go figure) that caught my eye. There is a huge campaign going that aims on Supporting Handmade and Small Businesses this Holiday Season. There is even talk of a Small Business Saturday, I am in! I have already vowed to purchase at least five handmade gifts this season, to say buying handmade is a passion of mine is an understatement. So on November 26th please join me in supporting Small Businesses, and our sponsor Heart and Handmade2 is a great place to start! I use the term start because Heart and Handmade2 has several beautiful items to make your Holiday Season brilliant and add a touch of class to your decorating and gift giving. Read on.


One of the main reasons that I decided to sign up for the Home for the Holiday’s Blog Hop was so I could have a chance to showcase great Holiday ideas from Handmade Businesses. All too often it becomes almost instict for us to just “head to Wal-Mart” when purchasing Holiday Items, I can assure you that you will find nothing like the amazingness that is at Heart and Handmade2 at your local chain store. The item that attracted me first to Heart and Handmade2 was something I have been browsing for a very long time, Advent Calendars. I never had one as a child and I think they are a wonderful idea to count down with children so you don’t get the daily, “How many day’s til Christmas?” Question, and really how much fun is it for the child to play an active role in your Holiday Countdown? Want something even better? How about a craft you can do with your children and make your own Advent Calendar? This wonderful whimsy Advent Calendar Kit from Heart and Handmade2 is beyond perfect for crafty moms and kids alike. Each kit comes with decorated clothespins, wire for hanging, wall hooks, and Hand Tags. I personally think this would make a wonderful hostess gift for Thanksgiving! Wine or Edibles will be devoured shortly after gifting but this kit is something that will be a reminder of you all throughout the month of Christmas.


I take great pride each and every year painstakingly wrapping my gifts, tying them up with ribbon, and putting a lot of thought into my gift tags. I LOVE to wrap presents and I hope that those receiving my presents feel special. A well wrapped gift always feels more appealing to me, maybe it is the anticipation of something just as wonderful being inside. This Vintage Inspired Hang Gift Tag Set of 8 from Heart and Handmade2 made made me smile. I am fond of the “vintage” look, it’s classic, timeless. With your Crown & Chandeliers set you receive 8 various tags cut in 4 different shapes and sizes. Each tag is stamped in a chocolate brown color and distressed then embellished with rhinestone, flair! You will also receive 2 yards of French blue ribbon, Heart and Handmade2 has really thought of everything! And you won’t believe how affordable these are, less then $5, that my friends is a steal for pretty gift tags. You can bet you won’t show up with the same tags as any other in your family.

Heart and Handmade2 has so many glorious items it was hard to choose just a few to feature. Another really (see extremely) neat idea I found at Heart and Handmade2 was something I hadn’t even considered, an Indoor Clothesline Kit, Oh my! I utterly adore this simple creative idea for displaying pictures, mementos,  or even notes! Frames are hard to switch out pictures, but when the push of a clothespin and a quick swap you can change the pictures you display. I would love to have a kit like this for One Little Indian’s First Birthday Party! I think this would make a wonderful way to display his 12 months of growth (sniffle sniffle). Each kit comes with 8 Clothespins, over 5 feet of hanging wire and 3 hooks. You can of course purchase more Clothespins for your kit, I would mix and match. Really neat idea is this not? Of course it is!

Buy it Now: Heart and Handmade2 is offering a special discount code for 10% off any order using the code “HolidayHop” and any order over $30 will also receive a special gift.

Want to win it? Heart and Handmade2 has offered up an extra special gift set for one lucky fan! Winner will receive a Christmas Clothesline Kit, a set of stamped glassine bags, and a set of stained gift tags, perfect for gift giving!


Want an Extra Entry?

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Visit Heart and Handmade2 on Etsy, look around and come back here and comment below with an item (or more!) that you think would be perfect for gift giving this Holiday Season.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Urban Creative


It is such a busy time of the year around my household, all the Holiday’s coming up, One Little Indian’s First Birthday, and we are in the process of buying our first home in other words I am in dire need of some extra hours in the day.  I had originally intended to make my own stocking for One Little Indian this year but alas, no time!  While browsing around on Etsy for Sponsors for the Home for the Holiday’s Blog Hop I was ecstatic to stumble upon Urban Creative. The stockings are exactly what I had in mind for One Little Indian and at a much more affordable price then I had originally thought I would have to spend on one. Rejoice! I am happy today to share with  you the products from Urban Creative I fell in love with, I’m sure you will too.


Call it vain but it’s very important to me for One Little Indian to have uncommon things. I don’t want him wearing the same things that other babies wear, I seek out items for his nursery that are one of a kind, and he almost always has a one of a kind cloth diaper on his behind (yes it really goes that far), so needless to say a basic red stocking just wouldn’t do. The Mid Century Modern Christmas Stocking Collection from Urban Creative is perfect for my eccentric tastes. Each stocking is made with heavy-weight cotton to last years and years, these stockings are bold and fun, perfect for a child (or mama too). Although this particular listing is for one of the stockings pictured Urban Creative offers many brilliant fabrics for custom options. I really can’t decide if I like the Blue/Green one in the middle or if I want a custom creation, I’m thinking Black Skulls with Red Stripes for One Little Indian! These stockings are made for stuffing too at a whopping 18 inches long and 7 inches wide at the top. My favorite part of Christmas Morning is busting into my stocking, I hope someday One Little Indian enjoys it as well. I would be happy to display the Mid Century Modern Christmas Stockings on our mantel (or wall as it may be, but hopefully mantel after we move).


At first I thought it would be fairly hard work for me to pick something other then another stocking to feature from Urban Creative, I do LOVE those stockings so much and there are so many great designs I’d love to feature several. When I came across this little ditty of an item I was intrigued. At first I didn’t know exactly what it was but upon reading the items description I thought, “Well, hmmp, What a great idea!”. This Mad Men Mid Century Modern Lavender Sewing Pattern Art Mixed Media on Canvas is so neat is it not? I have seen mixed media arts before but never one repurposing an old sewing pattern illustration. This would be great for a craft room or my first thoughts, a bathroom! I have a small collection of vintage perfume bottles I hope to display in our new home on a shelf in the bathroom. I’d love to get about three of these Sewing Pattern Mixed Media’s to hang above the shelf, what a great idea right? And the great thing is that Urban Creative has several different colors/patterns to choose from. You can even have a custom work made by specifying an Era of Fashion you are looking to display and I’m guessing colors too. I personally think these would be great decorations for a little girls room if perhaps Urban Creative has some children’s patterns. How original would that be? L.O.V.E

Want to win it? Urban Creative has graciously offered one of our lucky readers their very own SET OF TWO Design Your Own Whimsical Holiday Stockings (a $36 ARV).


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Visit the Design Your Own Whimsical Holiday Stockings Listing and Post Below how YOU would design one (or both if you feel like it) of your Holiday Stockings. Check out all the pictures on the listing for pattern ideas, you can even add boas!


One Little Indian: Green Christmas Blog Hop

Welcome to the first annual Green Christmas Gift Giving Guide giveaway hop hosted by Home Grown Families and Just My Everyday Life.

One Little Indian is happy to be participating with over 60 other awesome sites to show you many ways that you can have an Eco-Friendly Holiday season!

Each blog participating is offering a prize package to a (in some cases, multiple) winner worth $25 or more consisting of Eco-Friendly, sustainable, up-cycled, and recycled items, as well as items from independent consultants, authors and Etsy!

The prize package from One Little Indian is themed: Fluffy Christmas Gifts. One very lucky winner is going to recieve a cloth diaper from Better Bottoms, a set of wool dryer balls from The Willow Store, and a jar of wipe bits from BB Butts Diapers.

Please visit the Sponsor Spotlights below by clicking on each banner to read about the products and to put in an extra entry for each!

We hope you have as much fun learning more about the different Eco-Friendly items you find on these sites and entering the giveaways, as we had putting this together for you!

Sponsor Spotlight: BB Butts Diapers

Our last (but certainly not least) sponsor for the Green Christmas Blog Hop is another near and dear to me cloth friendly company. I find all types of great fluff companies through giveaways and other blogs.  I can’t remember exactly where I came across BB Butts Diapers but I am a huge fan of their Wipes Bites. When I first started using cloth diapers the thing I hated most was dealing with the cloth wipes. I hated having to measure and mix up the solution to dip the cloth wipes in prior to putting them in my wipes warmer. There had to be a better way I thought. I knew I wanted to try some of the wipes cubes I’d heard so much about so the first brand I tried was BB Butts. From our first experience with them I was hooked and 10 months later I’m still loving my BB Butts Wipes Bits.

The thing I love the most about our BB Butts Wipes Bits is the ease of use. I hated mixing ingredients to use for a wipes solution. So many tablespoons of this, a pinch of that, half a cup of this, no thank you ma'am! I wanted something I could do in a hurry. BB Butts Wipes Bits are perfect for me, I just turn on my tea kettle which usually has water in it already, heat it to boil, pour the water into a measuring cup (2 cups of water), and drop in a few bits. That’s all! The hot water melts the bits and turns it into a solution you can then dip your cloth wipes in and put them in your warmer. I have the smallest jar of BB Butts Wipes Bits, it’s 3 oz. of Wipes Bits which you may think wouldn’t last long but I’ve been using this jar for 10 months and only maybe a quarter of it is gone. As you can see it still looks full, after 10 months of constant wipe making goodness. Economical!

Perhaps you are wondering how in 10 months I have only used a quarter of a jar of Wipes Bites, that almost seems too good to be true right? It’s not, the BB Butts Wipes Bits are highly concentrated so you only need a few little bits per mix to create a nice glide to your wipes. The package says to use two wipes bits per mixture but I use three for extra glide. BB Butts Wipes Bits are made up of all the good stuff you want in your wipes solution and none of the bad things you don’t. Composed of a SLS free glycerin base, cocoa butter, Shea butter, goat’s milk, aloe gel, Vitamin E, calendula, chamomile, lavender EO, and Tea Tree Oil this is the perfect mixture for a good wipe solution. The butters pamper babies bottom and keep it smooth, the Tea Tree Oil has natural antimicrobial properties, and the aloe gel is naturally soothing. I love the smell of the Wipes Bits too, it smells natural, not overpowering, perfect for even the most delicate of baby skin.

As always I like to share a bit of additional information about other products from any company I feature. BB Butts Diapers sells a wide array for Eco-Friendly products for not only your cloth diapering needs but your baby clothing needs. BB Butts has probably the coolest baby legs called BB Knees that I’ve ever seen. They also carry both long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, blankets, changing pads, and of course cloth diapers. BB Butts offers both All-in-One and Fitted Cloth Diapers in several adorable patterns. You can check out their Facebook Albums for custom fabric options.  Like any great boutique BB Butts does many custom order options, after checking out their wall photos on Facebook I’ve found anything from Maternity Scrubs to Organizers. They have the neatest Child Organizer pictured with a spot for crayons and paper, I want one!

Want to win it? BB Butts Diapers has kindly offered one lucky winner their very own jar of BB Butts Wipes Bits. You will love these I promise!

Want an Extra Entry?
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Answer this question:

“What is one thing besides the wipes bites that you would love to have from BB Butts Diapers?” (check out the patterns and all the custom items on their Facebook page for ideas).

Sponsor Spotlight: The Willow Store


One of the main reasons that I chose Cloth Diapering as our theme for the Green Christmas Blog Hop is because I know exactly how hard it is to weed through all the options out there and find products that actually work. The Willow Store was the first company that came to mind when planning for our sponsorship because I have owned/used their product since we began cloth diapering and it works. Way back when I was still pregnant with One Little Indian I won a set of three dryer balls from The Willow Store, I’ve been using them in not only his cloth diaper laundry but his regular laundry ever since. I originally had three different sets of dryer balls from three different companies and our Wool Dryer Balls from The Willow Store are the only set that has lasted the 10 months we’ve been using them.

All too often you will find with Wool Dryer Balls that after a few months (or sooner in some cases) they will come undone thus resulting in them having to be thrown away because they are no longer functional. This is incredibly irritating considering that you paid for a product (sometimes in the case of these wool dryer balls) just to have to throw them away. The Willow Store Wool Dryer Balls are the only brand I recommend to my cloth diapering friends because after 10 months of continued use they are not only still in tact but they don’t look like they’ve aged much. I don’t have a doubt they will last us through our cloth diapering years.

image I mentioned above that when we began to cloth diaper we had three sets of dryer balls, that is a grand total of nine dryer balls that we used in every load. Wool Dryer Balls are one of my essentials for doing fluffy laundry. You can’t use dryer sheets in your laundry so you need something to reduce static and fluffen up the diapers a bit. As the wool dryer balls bounce around in the laundry they also help to separate the diapers thus helping them dry faster, which is a problem when doing fluff laundry because the inserts sometimes take forever to dry. Anywho, out of the nine dryer balls I had started out with I have four left, the other five quickly fell apart to the point of having to be thrown away. The image to the left shows the dryer balls I have left. The purple dryer ball is on it’s last leg and I’m already having to cut parts of it off as they come apart in the dryer. The blue and green dryer balls are my Willow Store Dryer Balls, as you can see they are still in tact, they aren’t falling apart and they look pretty much the same as when we first started using them. Who likes wasting money on products that just end up in the trash? I sure don’t, which is most of the reason that we decided to cloth diaper in the first place, I don’t want to waste money on disposable diapers and I most certainly don’t want to waste money on my cloth diaper accessories.


The Wool Dryer Balls from The Willow Store are sold individually or in sets of three. You can choose to get natural colored dryer balls or you can choose from several fun colors. We have a three pack of the assorted colored dryer balls. Another thing I love about the Willow Store’s Wool Dryer Balls is that they are Made in the U.S.A, no imported products here!  Each Wool Ball is approximately the size of a Tennis Ball and the instructions say to include 2-3 wool balls in each load to reduce drying time. I have found I like to have a few more then this just to fluff things up that much more. The sets of Wool Dryer Balls from The Willow Store even come in these little baskets pictured which I still use to store mine. Overall I am incredibly impressed with not only the quality of The Willow Store Wool Dryer Balls but also the presentation. I love that the Wool Dryer Balls are all natural and contain no chemicals so I don’t have to fret when One Little Indian pulls one out of the dryer and plays with it (see puts it’s in his mouth). I am 100% satisfied with our Wool Dryer Balls from The Willow Store and when I purchase more Dryer Balls it is the only company I would buy them from.

The Willow Store sells several other great cloth diapering products besides the one mentioned above including, yep you guessed it, cloth diapers! I have not personally used a cloth diaper from The Willow Store but I’d guess that they are great quality too! The Willow Store stocks Sprout Change Cloth Diapers, which are the only cloth diapers on the market that feature a reversible one-size diaper system. Catherine, the owner of The Willow Store, created Sprout Change cloth diapers as a way of filling a need she saw for a better cloth diapering system. She sought to combine all the things that a cloth diaper can be into one affordable type of diaper. You can use the Sprout Change diaper as a shell for pre-folds, a pocket diapers, an All-In-One or a Hybrid Diaper with a Biodegradable Liner. The Sprout Change covers are breathable which is great for preventing diaper rashes and it’s reversible, two colored covers in one! Sprout Change diapers fit 5-40lbs and feature a Patent Pending easy size adjustment system and easy daycare friendly snaps! I would love to review a Sprout Change Cloth Diaper (call me Catherine hehe). You will also find Sprout Change Training Pants at The Willow Store, fitting a potty training friendly 20-50lbs! I am amazed at all the great organic products you will find at The Willow Store, they even stock ComfySlumber Organic Pillows, yes please.

Want to win it? The Willow Store has graciously offered one lucky reader a chance to win a set of Three Wool Dryer Balls, just like I reviewed here. You will be able to choose from the Natural or Assorted Colors.


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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: I love Bacon



Took a look at my Klout page today and apparently One Little Indian is influential about Bacon. I do consider myself a fine connoisseur of bacon just didn’t know it reflected into my blogging as well. Thanks Klout for knowing me better then I know myself <3



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Better Bottoms Dypes


It was a happy day for me when Better Bottoms Dypes agreed to sponsor our Green Christmas Blog Hop.  Better Bottoms holds a special place in my heart and on One Little Indian Blog, notice the baby in the blog header? The diaper on the baby is modeled after my favorite diaper, a Better Bottoms All-in-Two. About five months ago I decided that I needed some WAHM diapers in our stash, I love supporting WAHM businesses so naturally that would carry over to my cloth diaper obsession.  I did a lot of research into what the best bang for my buck would be, I had heard some horror stories about WAHM diapers and leak issues and I frankly didn’t want to waste my money.

I saw someone post about Better Bottoms and how much they loved the diapers and when checking out their Facebook Page I noticed that not only were they very affordable but adorable too. That is how my relationship with Better Bottoms began and I have continued to be impressed by our diaper ever since. Sadly, our cloth diaper stash is large as is but if I had one wish it would be to have a stash full of Better Bottoms, alas maybe someday, in the mean time I am so excited to share an opportunity with my readers to win their very own Better Bottoms Diaper!


Better Bottoms AI2 Diapers are by far the most comfortable diaper we have, they have the comfort of a fitted with the function of an AI2. They are not 100% water proof but they may as well be considered so, we hardly ever have a wet outside with ours, changing One Little Indian every 2-3 hours. Do you have a favorite diaper that you cringe when it is “soiled” in? That is my Better Bottoms, which up until yesterday I had planned our wearing of it around One Little Indian’s regular Poo Schedule.  Yes Sir, for 5 months I have managed to keep my Better Bottoms poo free, yay!  Then yesterday, it happened. I had just finished up snapping pictures for this particular post when I smelled something amiss. You may wonder why I am telling you this right? Well any cloth diaper mom knows that blow outs are frequent with most fitted or AI2 diapers (or at least they seem to be for us), it’s nothing new anymore and I tend to plan accordingly with a pocket diaper or pre-fold. I am happy to report that besides being super cute (isn’t it though?) our Better Bottoms AI2 held in the mess like nobodies business and rinsed super clean too!


Better Bottoms Dypes All-in-Two’s come in two different sizes, Newborn which fits from birth to 16lbs and One Size, fitting from 12 to 35lbs. One Little Indian is 11 months old and weighs roughly 23lbs. As you can see we are only on the 2nd rise and 2 snaps in. I love the way this One Size is constructed and it is VERY roomy. We have mostly One Size diapers in our stash and although they claim to fit up to 30lbs+ One Little Indian is already outgrowing some of them. I don’t anticipate that being an issue with our Better Bottoms, we still have several snaps to let out and a whole rise to boot!  Our AI2 is made with a 100% Cotton Outer with a hidden layer of PUL to make it waterproof, by the feel of this diaper you can not tell AT ALL that there is PUL in it which makes me a happy gal, PUL is sometimes uncomfortable. The inners of our AI2 are made of micro-chamois and the snap in soaker is organic hemp/cotton and organic bamboo. The best of all worlds! For having eight layers of protection our inserts and diapers always dry super quick. They are generally done the same time our other covers are done drying. Better Bottoms are made with incredibly craftsmanship, even some of our brand name diapers have started to show signs of wear but as you can see our Better Bottoms still looks brand spanking new.

I made mention of Better Bottoms Dypes being affordable for a WAHM handmade diaper and I would like to go into a bit more detail about that because I believe it is important. You will not find this kind of quality for this price. Better Bottom’s Dypes are a steal at $20 per diaper.  There is also an option to send in your own fabric for a custom diaper, I think this is a wonderful option, often times I’ve found fabric that I think would make a perfect cloth diaper. If you send in your own fabric the diaper is only $17! How is that for affordable fluff? You can also purchase affordable extra Soakers and Boosters and even Hip Snap Covers and Cloth Wipes, and a little birdie told me that soon Better Bottoms will be offering Mama Cloth! Who’s got two thumbs and will be first in line to grab some Better Bottoms Mama Cloth? That’s right, this girl!  If AI2 Diapers are not your thing Better Bottoms also crafts custom Pocket and Fitted Diapers! I’d love to have a pocket for One Little Indian, pockets are really nice for when you are out and about or for nap times and based on how well I like our AI2 I’m imagining that the Pocket Diapers would be made well enough to withstand night time usage.

Better Bottoms has kindly offered readers a 15% Discount on any products using the coupon code “onelittleindian” from now until November 18th.

Want to win it?  Better Bottoms has offered one lucky reader a chance to win their very own in stock Pocket or AI2 Diaper from their website.  


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Sunday, November 6, 2011 Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp Review


Being a newer blogger it’s sometimes hard to find companies that trust your skills to review their product. I was overjoyed when accepted by Reuseit for a chance to review one of their Nalgene Water Bottles. Living a green lifestyle is something that is incredibly important to me. As a family we recycle, cloth diaper, and try to practice other principles to reduce our carbon footprint. Finding products that we don’t just toss away is important to me and I feel that if everyone just changed a few things that end up in the landfill to things they can reuse they will not only save money but help the planet, it’s a win/win.

I would like to talk first about Reuseit as a company. I like to know about any company I purchase products from. Reuseit started out as, a website aimed to reduce the consumption of plastic bag waste by providing consumers with a reusable option. The Reuseit Company has served hundreds of thousands of consumers since it’s conception in 2003 and helped those consumers reduce, reuse, and save with only the best of the best in reusable products. A wonderful 1% of all sales is used to fund preservation and restoration of the natural environment and in keeping up with the trend of being an ethical company Reuseit products are all produced in accordance with the Fair Labor/Fair Trade Practices. I sometimes worry when I’m looking for products for my family that by saving money by buying a cheaper product I’m promoting sweat shops and unfair wages elsewhere in the world, not an issue with Reuseit. Two thumbs way up for you!

bottleFor my review I was allowed to pick any Nalgene Water Bottle from Reuseit. Nalgene is described as being Made in the USA (bonus), Dent Proof,, & Economical. They are BPA Free and get this, Recyclable! For my review I decided to get a water bottle for One Little Indian, he is just learning to drink out of cups so after consideration I decided that the Nalgene 12 oz Kids Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle, Tritan was the perfect choice for us. One Little Indian is rough with his cups, sometimes resulting in the loss of lids and huge messes, not fun!  The very first thing that impressed me about our Grip-N-Gulp was how durable it seemed, it’s thick, like really thick, think throw on the cement ((check) not a scratch on it, thick. If you are in the Sippy Cup stage with your child you know how frustrating it can be just to get the lid on the cup at times. For some reason most Sippy cup lids take an advanced degree to position the lid just so each time for an easy fit.  This is irritating and I love that the Grip-N-Gulp lid goes right on and twists tight.

Our new Nalgene 12 oz Kids Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle, Tritan is my new go to cup for One Little Indian. I love how easy this bottle is to wash too, dishwasher safe!  The opening on the Grip-N-Gulp is large, large enough I have no issues what so ever shoving ice in it. As you can clearly see from the picture to the right the opening is plenty wide enough to accommodate a standard size ice cube. The wide opening is also great for doing a quick hand wash of the water bottle, I just use a bottle brush, give it a few good scrubs and we are on our way.  The ease of cleaning is also carried out to the lid of the bottle, I can easily use the bottle brush attachment and hand wash it if we are in a hurry. I've found with the Tritan plastic material this bottle is compromised of I don’t have any stale drink odors if say we forget the bottle in car for a few hours (or as the case may be overnight, with milk, yeah I know yuck!).  I brought the bottle in, rinsed it out before putting it in the dishwasher and oddly enough I didn’t notice a smell at all after rinsing (yep just rinsing). I’m convinced that this is the best quality water bottle for my little one.

Check out all the other great Water Bottles that Reuseit has to offer. You will find trusted brands such as Kleen Kanteen, SIGG, CamelBak, and more. Personally I would go for another Nalgene Water Bottle, my husband is so impressed he has already put one on his Christmas List for morning workouts.  While browsing around Reuseit I also found a few other products I thought were worth mentioning.  We are on a big thrifty kick, trying to cut back spending to save up to buy our first home (yay!). One of our budget setbacks is having The Chief pack his lunch daily. I found this wonderful Fit & Fresh Insulated Lunch Kit that comes with a insulated lunch bag, three food containers, and an ice pack for less then $20, a steal.  I also couldn’t resist sharing with you a neat find, the Orka by Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks. These are wonderful for storing potatoes, onions, and other sprouting veggies away from sunlight to help keep them fresher longer.  We generally buy a large bag of Potatoes because it’s just economical but end up always throwing a few away because they rot, ugh!  These Vegetable Keep Sacks can be hung up in a closet (or anywhere really) and make it easy to store and collect your veggies all for less then $10! Rejoice.!

Thank you Reuseit for allowing this Newbie Blogger to review your products!

If you are interested in checking out even more Green Reusable options for your home and family I encourage you to visit Reuseit and browse their selection of top of the line affordable options.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.