Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Baby Samples

Because really who couldn’t use some free baby stuff? Babies are incredibly expensive, we cloth diaper and it still seems like we are constantly buying this or that for One Little Indian. I will do my best to keep this list current.

Baby Starter Kit

-Includes Coupon for Free Beech Nut Rice Cereal

-Includes Coupon for 2 Free Jars of Beech Nut Baby Food


One Day Supply of Parent’s Choice Baby Formula

-Choose from Premium, Advantage, or Gentle.


Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags

-Free Sample, unsure how many bags included.

-Must Like Their Facebook Page


Photobook from My Publisher

-Your Name/Email must not be in their system as a previous customer

-Includes Free Shipping of your Photobook


Simple Right Formula Sample

-Choose Complete, Gentle, or Sensitivity


Huggies Snug & Dry

-Choose Size

-Allow up to 4 Weeks for Sample

Click Here

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Best of Blogging Intentions

Poor blog..I’ve been so neglectful. It was always my intention when I first decided to take the leap into the world of blogging that I would be a diligent little blogger. I would post daily cool finds for my readers, and hopefully find them a few good deals. The Little Indian has other plans for my blog future.

My day always starts out with the best of bloggy intentions, I brainstorm at night the topics I would like to share, I’m so psyched and then I sit down the blog. I get the title down, we are doing great! And then Little Indian heads over to the cat food, I could ignore him, a little fiber in his diet couldn’t hurt right? But no, I race over to to redirect and on the way step in something wet. Oh my, Little Indian has upchucked a few ounces of his bottle on to my floor. Mental note: Break out carpet cleaner after retrieving baby from his cat food destination.

Success! Little Indian is happily playing in his jumper, ah’ time to blog. I sit down to blog and I look over at the carpet and the big white spot of formula just calling my name. I get up, bust out the carpet cleaner and attack the formula stain. But really while I’m at it and Little Indian is otherwise incapacitated I may as well shampoo the whole living room right? No sense in all this work for just a little spot.

Half an hour later and the living room carpet looks brand new. But now Little Indian is fussy, he’s hungry, or wet, maybe tired? The heck with it I’ll just cover my bases and do a diaper change, feed him, and rock him to potential nap time bliss. Just as I’m about to lay Little Indian down to get back to blogging the door bell rings and jolts him awake. Mental Note: Put Napping Baby note on the door. Screaming baby in tow I head for the door to discover that UPS has so kindly pinned a note to my door saying that there is a package awaiting me at the office. Thanks so much for giving me time to get to the door and now insuring that I have to make a trip to the front office to retrieve said package. I shake my fist at the UPS man (I would probably extend a finger as well but there are chilldren around).

Fast forward another twenty minutes, Little Indian is calm and I finally got him down for a nap. YES! Time to blog. I sit back down, drink CHECK, snack CHECK, Do not ring doorbell sign in place CHECK. And then the ultimate Holy Grail of Time Sinks, Garden of Eden for Procrastinators, otherwise evil known as Facebook leers it’s ugly (but oh so entertaining) head. Who has time for blogging when my college roomie has a hundred new pictures of her baby up that I need to check out STAT.