Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder About You...

The Chief is a brilliant man. He can tear apart any electronic gizmo and repair it with the greatest of ease, he can repair any car problems that might arise, heck he can even make a mean sausage biscuits and gravy. I admire the versitality of his skills, but he lacks some common knowledge. Some things that most people just accept as fact the Chief has seemed to have not got the memo about. Take for instance our pre dinner conversation tonight that went a little something like this:

Me: "What do you want for a veggie?"
Him: "I thought you made baked potatoes?"
Me: "Yes, but we still need a veggie"
Him: "You are making two veggies?"
Me: "No, I only made potatoes."
Him: "Potatoes are a vegatable"
Me: "Huh? No they aren't Potatoes are a starch"
Him: "No, Bread is a starch, Potatoes are a veggie"
Me: "Are you serious?"
Him: "Serious? Yeah..They aren't? Yes, they are"
***Here is where I rush to the computer and bring up a visual of the food pyramid for him to view***
Me: "See Potatoes are a starch...just like bread."
Him: "Huh, that's odd, I always figured they were a veggie, why does Wal-Mart put them with the veggies then?"
Me: "Where else would they put them?"
Him: "With the bread?"

This conversation reminded me of another conversation we had about a year ago, the first time I realized that the Chief lacked some common knowledge. That conversation went a little something like this:

Me (after walking in from checking the mail): "Nothing"
Him: "Well no crap, it's Saturday"
Me: "So?"
Him: "Last I checked mail doesn't go on Saturday"
Me: "Yes it does"
Him: "No it doesn't, it's a weekend"
Me: "Mail doesn't go on Sunday but it still goes on Saturday"
Him: "No it doesn't"
***Insert call to my father here, put on Speakerphone for good measure***
Me (talking in phone): "Dad, does mail go on Saturday?"
My Dad: "I think so"
Me (flabbergasted): "What do you mean you think so?"
My Dad: "I think it goes on Saturday *pause* Yeah, it does."
Me: "Thank You"
**Hanging Up**
Me: "See, mail goes on Saturday, I can't believe you didn't know mail goes on Saturday."
Him: "It's not important"
Me: "It's pretty important knowledge"
Him: "Whatever you say"

Alas, I curious to what the next 20+ years of marriage will unearth in the Chiefs lack o' common knowledge department. I will consider my job done if at the Chief's age that Little Indian knows that potatoes are a starch and mail goes on Saturday.