Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Urban Creative


It is such a busy time of the year around my household, all the Holiday’s coming up, One Little Indian’s First Birthday, and we are in the process of buying our first home in other words I am in dire need of some extra hours in the day.  I had originally intended to make my own stocking for One Little Indian this year but alas, no time!  While browsing around on Etsy for Sponsors for the Home for the Holiday’s Blog Hop I was ecstatic to stumble upon Urban Creative. The stockings are exactly what I had in mind for One Little Indian and at a much more affordable price then I had originally thought I would have to spend on one. Rejoice! I am happy today to share with  you the products from Urban Creative I fell in love with, I’m sure you will too.


Call it vain but it’s very important to me for One Little Indian to have uncommon things. I don’t want him wearing the same things that other babies wear, I seek out items for his nursery that are one of a kind, and he almost always has a one of a kind cloth diaper on his behind (yes it really goes that far), so needless to say a basic red stocking just wouldn’t do. The Mid Century Modern Christmas Stocking Collection from Urban Creative is perfect for my eccentric tastes. Each stocking is made with heavy-weight cotton to last years and years, these stockings are bold and fun, perfect for a child (or mama too). Although this particular listing is for one of the stockings pictured Urban Creative offers many brilliant fabrics for custom options. I really can’t decide if I like the Blue/Green one in the middle or if I want a custom creation, I’m thinking Black Skulls with Red Stripes for One Little Indian! These stockings are made for stuffing too at a whopping 18 inches long and 7 inches wide at the top. My favorite part of Christmas Morning is busting into my stocking, I hope someday One Little Indian enjoys it as well. I would be happy to display the Mid Century Modern Christmas Stockings on our mantel (or wall as it may be, but hopefully mantel after we move).


At first I thought it would be fairly hard work for me to pick something other then another stocking to feature from Urban Creative, I do LOVE those stockings so much and there are so many great designs I’d love to feature several. When I came across this little ditty of an item I was intrigued. At first I didn’t know exactly what it was but upon reading the items description I thought, “Well, hmmp, What a great idea!”. This Mad Men Mid Century Modern Lavender Sewing Pattern Art Mixed Media on Canvas is so neat is it not? I have seen mixed media arts before but never one repurposing an old sewing pattern illustration. This would be great for a craft room or my first thoughts, a bathroom! I have a small collection of vintage perfume bottles I hope to display in our new home on a shelf in the bathroom. I’d love to get about three of these Sewing Pattern Mixed Media’s to hang above the shelf, what a great idea right? And the great thing is that Urban Creative has several different colors/patterns to choose from. You can even have a custom work made by specifying an Era of Fashion you are looking to display and I’m guessing colors too. I personally think these would be great decorations for a little girls room if perhaps Urban Creative has some children’s patterns. How original would that be? L.O.V.E

Want to win it? Urban Creative has graciously offered one of our lucky readers their very own SET OF TWO Design Your Own Whimsical Holiday Stockings (a $36 ARV).


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  1. Too cute!! I wouldn't get the stockings for myself, so the kids would make out on this one!! Would have to get one in the Hot Pink green Polka Dot with a Hot Pink Boa on it and the other I would get for my son, and of course it would be in the Blue Harlequin fabric with the Blue Green Dinosaur cuff. This is a really great idea, and it's a gift in itself:)

  2. i like the christmas damask with a cream colored boa. so creative and cute!

    debbie m

    dmoretti1967 at yahoo dot com

  3. My husband is a Steelers, so I would get the yellow stripe cuff, and black polka dot fabric!

  4. So hard to choose... I think I would go with a harlequin and a striped stocking! I love bright colors, so maybe yellow and green!:)

  5. Im not very creative but i love the polka dot and feathers

  6. My daughter would have a FIT! And so would I lol! these are so cute!!! I would let her choose her own but I am thinking she would pick pink...probably the hot pink with green dots and a coordinating green boa! I personally love love the hot pink/black damask!!!!!!