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WAHM Direct Sales Week presents Tomboy Tools with Laura


Welcome to our very first day of WAHM Direct Sales Week! I am excited to share many different companies with you this week that focus on helping moms work from home and own their own business with many different wonderful companies. I hope you enjoy learning about each company as much as I have and if you have been on the fence about starting your own business with a direct sales company that these Q&A Sessions help to inform you about the options out there for you!

Meet Laura
Hello! And thank you for joining us for One Little Indian's WAHM Direct Sales Week, Please introduce yourself to our readers:  

Hi!  Thank you for having me.  My name is Laura McVay.  I wear a whole lot of hats: military spouse, mother of two, homeschooling mom, Key Spouse, and a very happy consultant for Tomboy Tools!  

How did you first hear about the company you now represent and what made you want to join?

  First off, you need to know what sent me on more search.  I have been a Key Spouse for the USAF for 4 years now.  That is the bridge between the families and the command.  I have always been a "handy" girl.  The first year as a Key Spouse, I quickly discovered that while our families were barely hanging on during deployments, small things breaking around the house had a way of being the proverbial "straw that breaks the camels back."  I quickly found myself going to the houses and helping the spouses' fix whatever went wrong.  It was during my second year that I decided that it would be better to just teach them how to do it themselves.  All of a sudden they were walking taller.  When we moved to our next assignment, I started looking for tools for ME.  My husband's tools are good, but I have small hands.  And while my hands may be small, my jobs are big...and I quickly became both disgusted and disheartened by the "pink tools" that were on the market.  That is, until I discovered Tomboy Tools.  Their mission is to Inspire and Empower women to get the job done...which fit perfect with my own.  Their tools were just as good as my husbands, but made to fit my hands...I was hooked.

How easy was getting your "foot in the door" with your company, Were there any costs associated with joining and what did you get for these costs?
Tomboy Tools is a very affordable company to start up with.  We have 4 different Business Start Up Kits ranging from $139 to $289.  These kits both include our Pink Diamond kit and all the business essentials that you need for your first 3 parties (or more).  The Premium Kit includes the addition of the suede tool belt, our Impact Drill, paint brushes, and more, putting it over the top.  Our Diamond Kit really sells herself.

We all know that having a Down line is important in any Direct Sales Business, How did you go about getting your down line to join you? How many people do you currently sponsor for your company?

My down line joined my team after hearing about our product online.  The head office does a wonderful job of pairing like-background people to work together.  I have also had people join my team after following my Facebook Page and just liking what they see.  I have 3 under me....with 4 leaning heavily toward joining.  I am not a high pressure person and prefer for people to join in their own timing.  However, I am a very, very supportive and active up line.  My down line is scattered around the US.

Do you do home parties? If so tell me a little about how a typical party might run? How much work goes into a party? How many home parties do you do a month?  

Yes, I do home parties!  It depends on what the Hostess wants.  She can choose our Tools School 101.  This is our Intro to tools...normally an hour.  Lots of hands on and fun!  We also have our Social Party.  This is where I have a table set up and am there to answer question.  This is geared toward the "Non-party" crowd...but just as successful...especially since shipping is so much cheaper through a party.  Thirdly, we have our Catalog Party.  For this I provide my Hostess with our Pink Tool Box, some tools, order forms, catalogs....and she collects orders from people she knows.  Our company recently had a consultant who did this and closed out a $5000+ party.  Fourth - Virtual Parties.  This is where the Hostess uses her Online Party Profile to gather orders.  Fifth - Exposure events...these are tables at vendor events.  I use them for booking parties.  However, I have know several consultants actually sell straight from their booths.

What is the discount on shipping if you have a party?

When a party order hits $500, there is free shipping on the party order!

Do you "Have" to do home parties to be a consultant? What other ways can I sell the product?

No, you do not have to have parties.  That is the joy of Tomboy Tools.  You can run it as it feels best for you.  Some consultants carry inventory and sell from their tables at vendor events.  Some consultants do orders from their tables at vendor events.  Others do an almost completely virtual format.  I do a mix of parties, virtual, and booking from vender events.  

How much in sales does a home party have to earn for the hostess to get discounts/free products? Tell us about the discounts for parties! I'm nosy, I'd love to hear what I could potentially earn from hosting a party with your company.

Hostesses start earning benefits at the $200 party level.  This includes 1/2 price items and the ability to buy our Pink Metal Tool Box.  the benefits go up from there.  However, the real perks come in at the $500 level with 5 1/2 priced items, the toolbox for free,  1/2 price on a kit, free shipping, the monthly hostess special, and 10% off all future order for 1 calendar year.  The perks go through the roof from there.


And the big question, If I were a Rep. for your company what can I expect to earn in commission? What is the "rate"?

30% commission, with 25% commission on power tools
Is it easy to advance in your company? How long have you been a consultant and how quickly did you advance?

Yes it is.  Your advancement is all hinged on your sales and down line.  But the company understands that there are different types of Tomboys....and we support them all.  I have been a consultant for 7 months and I am meeting my personally set goals.

Is there a minimum is sales that you have to make to remain "active" or to keep your status in your company? How do you attain that? Is it easy?

Our minimum sales goal to stay active is only $100.  Each level has its own minimum requirement.  I have always been able to hit my requirements by pushing a little harder.  Most of the time, the minute people see our product, they buy it.  During "slow" times, I have purchased something that would hit the mark to make my minimum and donated it to a charity event.  That gets my name out in the community and acts as a Tax write off.  

What support do you provide to those that sign up under you? If I signed up I'd be so lost! Tell me how you would help me to get started and to be successful if I've never been in the Direct Sales Business before?

Number one....I am always here for you!  Any questions you have or encouragement you need, that is what I am here for!  I am a creative person who enjoys thinking outside the box, and sometimes, that is just what you need to get your business going.  The one thing I LOVE about Tomboy Tools is their training!  They are so thorough in making sure we have all the tools and support we need.  I help you through your training...and then I am that partner by your side to help you get & keep going.  You are never alone.  I am just a phone call away!

Does your company have any kind of training for new consultants? What about "Special Events"?

We have phenomenal training for new consultants and continuing training for old consultants!  Our corporate staff has webinars, consultant chats, new consultant chats, National Calls scheduled throughout the month.  Honestly, even if I can't be on the phone right when it is scheduled, it is nice to know that I can go into the backoffice and here any past call.  Some I have listened to twice to make sure I got everything.  Our new consultants have what is call the "Fast Start" program.  This gets them to jusp start their business out the gates.  We have two levels:  $450 in 45 days and $900 in 90 days.  This is a great way to add wonderful free tools to your collection without buying them.  Plus (and this is only with me), if you complete the $900 in 90 goal, I give you an additional $25, which reduces your start up costs by $25.  

Are there any other special "Perks" that your company provides? Such as free products, extra cash, trips, etc. for anything?

We have "perks" all year around.  Our next consultant incentive trip to Vegas.  We are currently doing a $1000 bonus incentive from Sept - Dec.  We receive both free tools and year around 30% off of everything.  There are contests year around.  

Wow! $1,000, How would a consultant earn the $1,000 Bonus Incentive?

The contest started in Sept.  It is a stair step contest.  Sept required 2 qualifying parties plus one new recruit = $200.  Oct:  Sept's fulfillment plus 2 qualifying parties & 1 new recruit = $300.  Nov: Sept + Oct fulfillment plus 2 qualifying parties and 1 new recruit = $300.  Finally, Dec: Sept, Oct., Nov fulfillment plus 2 qualifying parties & 1 new recruit = $1000 total for the 4 months.  If you miss one month, you start back at month 1.  However, a qualifying party is only $500.  

What is one product that seems to be a big seller?

Oh my!  Which one isn't??  Our Traveler full of tools and our Impact Drill are two of our top sellers.  However, we have a special price during Nov. on our Pink Diamond Kit that is likely to propel it into 1st.  It is really an amazing deal.  My personal top seller is the Picture Perfect Level.

Can you tell us what the Special Price will be? Or is that Top Secret?

Our Pink Diamond Kit, during the month of Nov., without the suede belt is only $99.  With the tool belt, it is only $109...that is a $20 to $30 reduction.

What is your favorite product from your company?

It has to be our Ratcheting Screw Driver.  I use that baby all the time.  I also find myself reaching for our 13oz. Pink for a Purpose Magnetic Head Hammer all the time.  I guess you can say it all depends on whatever needs to be done!

Have you ever been a consultant for any other company prior to joining your company?

Yes.  I could never really get the enthusiasm for selling it because I didn't feel that it helped make women's lives better.  In the scope of everything that is "needed,"  that company definitely fell in the "want" not "need" category.  I would see women spend insane amounts of money on something that didn't have a lasting benefit.  However, helping women become self sufficient and confident in the care and keeping of the roof over their heads is definitely something that I can proudly share because I believe in it. They don't need to wait for someone else to do it.  They can learn how to do it themselves...which brings an amazing amount of confidence to their lives.  It also helps them to pass it on, which is my wish.

Thank you Laura for sharing with our readers the awesome opportunity that is Tomboy Tools!

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