Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WAHM Direct Sales Week presents It Works with Jacqueline


It seems that everywhere I look anymore I run into “The Wrap”, if you are not familiar with what I’m talking about look around Facebook a bit. Notice those amazing before and after pictures of people who used a body wrap from It Works and lost inches? Yep, I want that! Of course the coveted “Wrap” is not the only wonderful product that It Works has to offer, what a wonderful opportunity to help people feel better about themselves while making some extra cash, read on to learn more!

Meet Jacqueline
Hello! And thank you for joining us for One Little Indian's WAHM Direct Sales Week, Please introduce yourself to our readers:

I am Jackie, a super busy mom of four and a full-time employee outside of the home.  I absolutely love It Works! because I have the flexibility of making my OWN schedule around my kid's activities, my full-time gig, and whatever else may come up.  I love making people look and feel better about themselves.

How did you first hear about the company you now represent and what made you want to join? 

I kept seeing a friend of mine RAVE about this wrap she had found and how she had lost inches off her waist and completely changed her shape in just 45 minutes per application!

How easy was getting your "foot in the door" with your company, Were there any costs associated with joining and what did you get for these costs? 

I paid a $99 and got an awesome kit with 4 wraps, all my marketing material, a tape measure and other items to get me organized and informed about every product It Works! had to offer.  I have only had success since then and recently my husband decided to sign up under me and is doing exceptionally well!

We all know that having a Down line is important in any Direct Sales Business, How did you go about getting your down line to join you? How many people do you currently sponsor for your company?

I simply tell the truth!  It Works! has changed my life - both health wise and financially.  This is a company you can grow with and how much you grow and in what time you grow is totally up to you.  There are no ceilings, no limits to how much you can earn.  You don't have to have a down line.  If you are a born recruiter for customers, you can have as many as you want!  If you want to sign up distributors under you, you can!  It's such a big market that having a downline doesn't hurt my business.  I love the fact that we are like family.  If I need help with a party, one of my fellow upline is ready to go with me!

How many dedicated customers do you have? Was it easy to get that amount?

I have 30 Loyal Customers.  It was very easy.  When my customers try the wrap and get results, they want to sign up as  a Loyal Customer because they get MY price on the products!

Do you do home parties? If so tell me a little about how a typical party might run? How much work goes into a party? How many home parties do you do a month?

I have done home parties.  They are so much fun!  There is a 20 minute presentation and then everyone goes to get wrapped.  The host can have finger foods if they want, I've had some serve wine or champagne, or just water, water, water!  I leave it up to individual host(ess). I do one at most a month.  That's only because I work full time, have 4 children and also another direct sales job.  When my children are a little older, I plan to do 2-4 a month!

Do you "Have" to do home parties to be a consultant? What other ways can I sell the product?

Not at all!  Facebook is my biggest selling point with It Works!  Check out my before/after pics, they don't lie!  I get majority of my commission from people signing up to be a Loyal Customer under me or my down line.  I also schedule wrap appointments in the evenings at my home!  It's really convenient for me and my family!

How much in sales does a home party have to earn for the hostess to get discounts/free products? Tell us about the discounts for parties! I'm nosy, I'd love to hear what I could potentially earn from hosting a party with your company. 

I ask that the hostess have at least 5 paying customers to get her wrap for free. 

If the host has more then five paying customers are there any other perks or discounts she can earn?

At the party, she/he will wrap for free.  This is a $35 value! 

And the big question, If I were a Rep. for your company what can I expect to earn in commission? What is the "rate"? 

You earn 10% of everything you buy or sell through your website.  This does not count the profit you make from selling individual wraps at $30 per wrap.  (They cost $15ish wholesale)  For every 2 loyal customers you enroll, you can get a "wrap reward".  This means, you can get a box of 4 wraps for only $25 shipped.  This is an awesome profit if you are selling individual wraps for $30!  With the sell of one you have already earned back your cost plus more!


Is it easy to advance in your company? How long have you been a consultant and how quickly did you advance? 

It is really easy to advance.  I have been a distributor since April and am getting ready to promote to the next level up...Executive. 

What bonus comes with moving up in the company? Do you get more commission from buying/selling?

There are several levels you can promote to with It Works!  You earn anywhere from 10% to 5% off multiple generations in your down line.

Also, when a new distributor under you gets his/her first 2 Loyal Customers within the first 30 days of signing up, you get $100 bonus!  If your distributor gets 4 Loyal Customers THEY get $110 worth of free products of their choice.

Is there a minimum is sales that you have to make to remain "active" or to keep your status in your company? How do you attain that? Is it easy? 

No!  No minimum. 

What support do you provide to those that sign up under you? If I signed up I'd be so lost! Tell me how you would help me to get started and to be successful if I've never been in the Direct Sales Business before? 

We have an exclusive online group for anyone in our team.  We Skype.  I have a team of distributors in my locality that are always willing to help me with any questions or parties when I need help.

Does your company have any kind of training for new consultants? What about "Special Events"? 

Sure, there is an abundance of information in our 'back office" that every distributor has access to.  There are also awesome reps who are more than willing to help you in any way possible.  There are often "Boot Camps" in different areas that are specifically meant to train you in all aspects of the business.

Are there any other special "Perks" that your company provides? Such as free products, extra cash, trips, etc. for anything? 

If you have 60 customers and a $3000 sales volume, you get $600 for a car allowance.  However you don't have to use that for a car!

Wow! Is that a monthly allowance?

Yes, you get $600 a month as a car allowance.  You can use it for anything you like!  This is one of my personal goals and I can't wait to achieve it!

What is one product that seems to be a big seller?

The Ultimate Body Applicator aka The WRAP!
What is your favorite product from your company?

I personally love the Ultimate Body Applicators and The Greens and Regular.

Have you ever been a consultant for any other company prior to joining your company? 

I am also an Avon rep!  I love it too!

Thank you Jacqueline! I loved doing our Q&A and learning about a company that I have seen so much of but know little about. It seems that It Works is booming!

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