Monday, October 17, 2011

Mommy Makes Money Monday

Who couldn’t use a little bit of extra money? I have decided that from now on every Monday I will share with my wonderful readers easy ways I have found to earn a little bit of extra cash online. Will you get rich doing these things? Of course not, but every little bit helps right? That is my motto and that is why I commit just a little bit of my time each day doing these things and they do add up! So join me, every Monday when I share one of my little money making gems with you.




I have tried A LOT of different money making ventures online. Even when I worked full time I still did things in my spare time to earn a bit of extra cash. Superpoints is by far the most profitable of ways to earn money online I’ve found so it’s natural this is the first site I want to share with you.

What is Superpoints?

Superpoints is a quick and easy site online to make a bit of extra cash. I generally can’t be bothered to do survey sites and I flat out will not do “special offer” sites. Superpoints is different, you earn points randomly each day from clicking a button, so if you can click a button you can earn points too! Superpoints has other ways of earning cash too, they do have surveys and special offers BUT you don’t have to do these to be successful at Superpoints, I sure don’t.

What Can I Expect To Earn From Superpoints?

I will come right out and say it really depends on how dedicated you are to making sure that you do your daily spins. It is also key to have a downline (referrals under you). But the great thing about Superpoints is that you earn 100% (yep exact matching) of any points your friends earn. The number of daily “clicks” you get of the Superlucky Button daily depend on how many friends you’ve invited (we’ll go more into this later). You don’t have to have friends under you to earn points but it certaintly gets you points faster and more spins too! I have 6-8 active friends (meaning they do their spins almost daily) and I earn enough points to cash out for $5 in my Paypal account every 3-4 days (sometimes quicker). In the 3 months I’ve been doing Superpoints I’ve made $80 in PayPal cash and a $5 Gift Card. Not bad for clicking a button daily and telling my friends how awesome a site is.

What Can I Earn from Superpoints?

I’ve noticed sometimes a site online will make it incredibly difficult for you to actually redeem the points that you’ve won, this is frustrating and it makes me a sad panda. Superpoints is super duper easy to cash out your points and they are prompt on payment too (generally within a week). You can earn cold hard Paypal Cash, Gift Cards, Wal-Mart Gift Cards, Electronics, and tons of other gift cards too! I really love the selection of gift cards Superpoints has to offer and at reasonable point levels too! Each point on Superpoints is equal to a penny. This means that 500 points is equal to $5 and you can cash out for a $5 Gift Card thus making it really easy to spend your points as you earn them.



How Can I Earn on Superpoints?

As I mentioned above all you have to do is click a button to earn points daily. Each click of the “Superlucky Button” may award you a random amount of points (anywhere from 1 to 300). Superpoints also sends out nifty SuperLucky Mail to your email which contains points (I’ve personally gotten anywhere from 1 to 25 points in an email). With the SuperLucky Mail all you have to do is open the email and there will be a button that days Claim My Points (or something to that effect) and BAM free points. Superpoints has all the random other stuff such as Surveys, Special Offers, and even paid videos too (which are easy to watch while you’re doing something else if you wanted to). And probably the best way to really amp up your winnings is to invite your friends! Since Superpoints is so easy to sign up and easy to earn it’s appealing to everyone! I just post a few times a week on my Facebook about Superpoints and I find that I usually get a few responses with questions (which I love to answer) and perhaps then have a friend (or two) sign up!

Sounds Great! Sign Me Up Scotty!

Signing up for Superpoints is incredibly fast and easy. To keep Superpoints legit it is Invite only, the developers hope that this method will avoid bots and thus result in actual members earning more! Each member of Superpoints has a set number of invites they can hand out at a time. I usually have extras I can share and if I don’t I can always find you an invite. Email me at: onelittleindianblog (at) yahoo (dot) com and put Superpoints in the Subject and I will send you an “Invite Token” as soon as possible. An Invite token is just a fancy name for a link that will take you to Superpoints and allow you to sign up. Keep in mind that when signing up you will want to use the same email you use for Paypal if you are planning on using your winnings to cash out for Paypal cash because they will send the money to the email you sign up with. If you are cashing out by any other method don’t worry! Once you sign up you will want to complete your basic profile (it’s just a few basic questions, Email Confirm, and Upload a Picture **Doesn’t have to be you, just use a stock photo if you wish**) by doing these easy tasks you will automatically be bumped up to the next level on Superpoints and earn more daily spins (this will take you up to 30 daily spins).


Check Back Next Monday for another great way to earn cash online in One Little Indian’s new Mommy Makes Money Monday’s!



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