Monday, October 24, 2011

Mommy Makes Money Monday #2

It absolutly warms my heart that I had quite a few of my readers check our Superpoints via our last Mommy Makes Money Monday post. I hope that those of you who requested an invite are enjoying your winnings, I know two of you who are already rocking out the points. So here you have it friends, Episode #2 of Mommy Makes Money Monday! If you missed last weeks post I will have a link at the bottom of this one. If you are new I decided to feature a way I make a little bit of extra cash online. By no means it’s not a “get rich quick” thing, just a little something I can do each day while I’m watching TV or on the computer already that helps buy little extras for our household. What I generally do is save for Christmas each year, with all the random things I do for cash they do add up to quite a bit come Christmas time and then it doesn’t seem that a huge chunk of our budget is coming out to pay for Christmas. So read on friends, here is this weeks Mommy Makes Money Monday!

Instant Cash Sweepstakes


‘If you remember from my post last week I said that I generally will not do survey sites, they just take way way too long and most of the time I don’t have 20 minutes to sit down and commit to one survey. Instant Cash Sweepstakes is the exception to my “rule”. Why you ask? Because it doesn’t take 20 minutes to do the surveys and they are actually pretty fun!

What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes (or ICS)?

Instant Cash Sweepstakes is a quick little ditty of a site in which you answer generally three question short surveys, mostly submitted by members so they are fun questions. You randomly (although it seems to happen once per session on most occassions) get a cash reward attached to the survey. Along with the cash you also earn Tickets and Tokens, both used for daily drawings.

What Can I Expect to Earn from Instant Cash Sweepstakes?

The short answer, like most sites it really depends on what you are going to put into it, how lucky you are, and how many people you have signed up under you. Personally I don’t earn a ton because I don’t have anyone signed up under me. I do make enough for me to keep doing it though. You can complete your session of short surveys once every three hours. During each Session you usually hit a paying survey once (sometimes less, rarely more). The “cash” winnings vary, I have personally received anywhere from a penny to 12 cents. I’ve been doing ICS for roughly 5 months, most of which time I haven’t been serious about it, doing it once a day at best, and I’ve cashed out once with $10.95 and I currently have $2.61 I could cash at any time.  The Tickets you earn are automatically put in to a daily drawing for $50 and the Tokens you can enter whenever you want into an every 4 hour drawing for $2 (I’ve personally won this drawing twice and my best friend has won it twice). Because you get matching for anything anyone under you earns as well she definitly makes more money then I do since she makes all of what she earns plus all of what I earn (including the $2 I have won from the every 4 hour drawing). So you can see how this could really add up should you have a few people underneath you.

What Can I Earn from Instant Cash Sweepstakes?

Cash, plain and simple. You receive your winnings through PayPal. You can cash out after you hit $2 in your account at any time. And payments are super duper quick too, the last time I cashed out I had the money in my account within 24 hours.



Screen Shot of my recent cash out through ICS. Please excuse my mad Paint Skills, hehe


How Can I Earn on Instant Cash Sweepstakes?

Easy! Every 3 hours (I set my cell phone alarm to buzz when I can do mine again) you head on over to ICS and do some short surveys. These usually take me about 5 minutes or less. You win cash instantly this way. Also randomly you will be awarded “Business” surveys which will have a guaranteed cash prize attached to them, I’ve seen a range from a penny to 11 cents attached to these surveys. Your tickets will automatically be entered into the daily $50 drawing and whenever you feel like it you can enter your tokens to win the $2 every 4 hours prize. 


When you answer your questions you automatically earn tickets and tokens, when you answer the same questions the same way you earn “Trust” points. These points add up to higher “Trust” Levels, these levels award you more tokens, tickets, and surveys per session. You can also Write Surveys for extra tickets, I have done this a time or two when I had nothing better to do, it’s actually kind of fun!

Now, once you’ve been playing awhile you will most likely be Invited by ICS to be a Pro User. Pro Users earn more cash by being awarded more market research surveys. To become a Pro User you have to tape a 2 minute long introduction via Webcam and you automatically will be awarded $2 and have these Research Surveys sent right to your email. I  have not yet taken advantage of the invitation because I am all about simplicity but I may some day when I have some extra time, if only to get the extra $2.

Sounds Great! Sign Me Up Scotty!

Signing up for Instant Cash Sweepstakes is incredibly easy. No need to complete a profile or anything. Love it! I do believe you have to email confirm but I’m not even 100% positive you have to do that.



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SignatureIf you have a wonderful way you earn cash online that does not require long surveys, special offers, or junk like that I’d LOVE to hear about it. Drop me a line at and I will check it out. Please be sure to tell me about the site and include your referral link. I love finding easy new ways to earn cash!

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